Tim previously wrote from USA to say that he had reluctantly decided to break up A31/8 “Trio of Playford”, after trying unsuccessfully to sell her as a potential restoration project to others in N. America. 

So it’s great to hear that Tim has decided to carry on and complete restoration of “Trio”, and if anyone knows people in USA or Canada who might in any way be interested, please do let him know. (Send a message to Tim via “Contact Us”)

Here’s Tim’s message:

Another year has past and A31/8 lives.

Damaged in the way of failed hull planking along the garboard from fresh water accumulation. It seems we will be able to make proper repair this year. The plan includes remove the ballast keels and invert the hull to fit new vacuum laminated wood parts.

After long deliberation it seems best to repair and sell rather then cut up for land fill. Much to be done to make ready though sound in all other areas. The process will be documented. I look forward to any discussion with those interested.

Very best wishes for the New Year to All.


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