2014 Colchide heads for salt water

Photo: 2014-04-13_off_to_sea. A89 Colchide decked out ready for towing to Ipswich for her first sniff of sea since 1979.








Photo: Colchide launch. Anti-foul was applied lengthways, so she slips past BLUSTER!
Colchide launch


Photo: Colchide launch. Colchide tasting sea water for the first time in 40 years.
Colchide launch


Photo: Colchide A89. Safely onto the pontoon.
Colchide A89


Photo: A volunteer went up the mast to crrectly fit the topping lift.
A volunteer went up the mast to crrectly fit the topping lift


Photo: Ooh – a bit shallow to port with those keels down.
Ooh  - a bit shallow to port with those keels down


Photo: Colchide adjustments.
Colchide adjustments


Photo: Colchide.


Photo: Colchide A89. River Orwell shake-down June 2014
Colchide A89


Photo: Colchide A89. Wow, she goes well.
Colchide A89


Photo: Colchide A89. Port keel on show
Colchide A89


Photo: Colchide A89. Making a few adjustments
Colchide A89


Photo: A89. Hi John, Please see attached photo, for your brilliant website. Regards, Richard


Photo: Formation practice with a Sadler 29.
Formation practice with a Sadler 29


Photo: Photo by Brian Sadler.
Photo by Brian Sadler


Photo: River Orwell.
River Orwell


Photo: Nicely balanced.
Nicely balanced


Photo: Relax.


Photo: Gosh, that Genoa is big.
Gosh, that Genoa is big


Photo: Final adjustments.
Final adjustments


7 thoughts on “A89 Tastes East Coast Salt Water after years in Lake Geneva

  1. I have been meaning to comment for a while.

    She is indeed very pretty and looks immaculate.  I would love to see her if only for the inspiration.  Are you taking her to the regatta on the 30th?

  2. Thanks Timothy.

    I have now removed the huge old Genoa pictured, as although it was ideal for Bernard on the lake with 2-6 knots, it was too big for typical East Anglian winds of 15-20 knots, gusting 25. I have fitted a No 2 Gib which is much more manageable. My next job is to find replacement winches for the Jib, as the current, unmatched ones are very worn and unreliable.

  3. Colchide is looking great, I hope that you will be able to make the East Coast Race.

    I note that you have a raised boom which gives you the opportunity to fit a kicking strop and of course to avoid a cracked skull.

    What height is your mast and can you fit the standard Atalanta mainsail?


  4. Looking good Richard only problem is Karen wants to know why Mourne Goblins paint work doesn’t look that good Dom

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