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Designer: Uffa Fox

Builder: Fairey Marine Ltd


L O A 24ft. Beam 7ft 6in. Draft 1ft 3in and 5ft 9in

Sail area 235 sq ft


We may if we wish treat Atalanta as one more interpretation of the 24ft waterline cruiser-racer; an interpretation in which displacement has been cut to the minimum for a semi-ballasted boat, and the characteristics of the dinghy have been retained to the maximum extent possible in a craft containing accommodation and intended to be raced.


The design, by Uffa Fox, has the features of his deep-chested dinghy forms, with long, straight buttock lines and a broad transom. It is based on the original Sujanwiz, designed and built by Alan Vines. The shape of the top sides is in the submarine manner, with an approximately oval form above the waterline, and beneath it sections with the flat floor and high, fairly hard bilges of the stable dinghy. The hull, ½” thick, is moulded by Fairey Marine and shells will be available to boat-builders or amateurs.


The unusual feature of the boat is the two heavy centre-boards, or twin retractable side-by-side keels, which increase the draft from 15in to 5ft 9in, and provide, when lowered, a ballast ratio of approximately 40%. It has of course to be remembered that this ballast is slung high compared with that of a yacht’s fixed keel, and also that, being retractable, it is not certain stability. The housing of the keels is below the cockpit floor.


The accommodation has been arranged fore and aft of the central cockpit. The after cabin, with access through a sliding hatch, contains a couple of berths and some stowage space. Entrance to the forward cabin is by a combined hatch and spray hood, moulded integrally with the foredeck, and here are two more berths. An additional two temporary berths are provided by the cockpit seats should there be need to accommodate six people.


The rig is the simply-stayed, low-aspect-ratio type developed for high efficiency off the wind; a big area of sail and a small heeling moment help when planing or semi-planing is practicable.


The prototype has been sailing throughout the summer and some slight modifications will be made when the craft goes into production.

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