Thanks for the pictures and comments from other owners.

I am now in the final stages of fabricating a new pushpit to incorporate the following features:

Space under it for the dinghy on the aft deck

Liferaft cradle

Life shoe holder

Aft boarding ladder (Calista style)

Key thing for me, since swimming off the boat is a frequent pastime, is that the ladder could be used comfortably, hence the mock-up in timber to work out the ergonomics. The final mock-up ended up being pretty detailed, including the hinged ladder part, but less of that and more of the steelwork!

Pictures below midway through fabrication with the final ones to follow next week once the pushpit has been polished again and then fitted.

I borrowed the tube bender, used 316 MP tube and laser cut feet, used my own TIG welding set and throughly hated cutting the scalloped tube ends with that hole saw, in the end I just used an angle grinder to avoid the terrible noise and slow cutting speed.