Fairey Mary

Hi Doug,

I have had Mary since 2012 and not had a barn to keep her in.  Admittedly she has not stayed in the same marina more than two winters on the trot.  But this winter I would like to hire a barn to bring her back up to spec.

But in general I am happy for her to be on the hard at the marina which gives me flexibility as to which Marina.  They provide power and water at a reasonable cost.  I also find being at the marina more social and enjoyable.

If I am correct a good breathable cover is sufficient if you have you own parking space.  A working area comes into its own when waiting for paint/dew to dry.  Don’t confuse a boat that has been neglected for 20 years with one that is regularly maintained.  Paints are good now and a cover will extend their lifespan, it may look untidy but if the wood is still being protected it is good.  Go sailing!

I am currently finding that it is better to do the ‘lots of small jobs’ like cockpit, spars, electrics and rope work while the boat is in the water, over summer.  It leaves the bigger jobs like topsides and hull for either a short season or a barn.

Anyway that is my 2p’s worth and I am still learning.