Thanks a bunch for the reply Nick , I am in Edinburgh Scotland. She is actually linked on here she is named Blue jackaroo https://atalantaowners.org/a71-blue-jackaroo-sale/


The owner seems to have taken good care of her but i would love input from anyone willing to add it. The main problems

1. Rot in the transom

I plan to cut out the affected section and replace it with marine ply and east coast epoxy. I have some Fiberglass mixed strand so I plan to re enforce the area.  it is about 6 inches tall and 10 inches long


2. The hatches

All of the hatches are a spongy, I was just going to replace them but I am toying with cutting back to the frame which seems ok and then inserting acrylic windows and building a frame to help clamp them from the bottom. I have access to a large 3d printer so I can fabricate anything using printed molds (In theory)

3. The external bearing on the prop needs replaced but that is a small job.

4. paint peeling inside

I will strip and repaint but i was toying with just going back to wood and staining in the rear cabin and sealing with epoxy but I am not sure if that is a good idea.

5. the paint on the bow looks a little cracked but it might just be lots of layers built up

6. The other big job is a large crack in the mast

The owner suggested cutting down and staggering some new bits of wood and gluing with epoxy, I was thinking the same but possibly wrapping with some fiberglass tape and epoxy to add strength.

mast damage

God willing all should go well, I really like the boat and should have her brought through to Edinburgh next week and I can start working on her in hopes of getting in the water for August.


Cheers for any  feedback.