Thanks Dom,

Ex- owners are often even more insightful and helpful than those still checked-in to Hotel California!

Leaves me with a big head/heart dilemma, but I find usually that means that you understand the situation!

– Do I hold off an buy an up-together boat sometime in the next few years when the right one appears?

(probably for about the same price as 2 litres of West epoxy and a complete new set of sails!)

– Or, do I leap in and save a poor neglected boat from a jerry can and a box of Swan Vestas?


Either way it sounds like free-time and a 26/31 ft field shelter are essential first steps, so someone else will have to be “Sue”/A51’s knight in shining. I will go back to things with trapezes and crazy asymmetric spinnakers until my body won’t allow it anymore!