Mike Dixon

Hi Rory,

Welcome to the tribe.  Delighted to hear that you’re actively looking for one of the boats.  I have over the years, owned a Titania, a 31 and now A1 (and no, she’s not for sale!).  I spent several years gradually bringing the Titania up to scratch, sailing her during the summer months and working on her during the winter.  I was working full time then, but she took me far and wide from north east Scotland where I lived at the time – including trips to Norway and Holland.  Great boat if you’re not in a hurry.  The 31 was a project and took two full years to bring her up to where she could be safely sailed.  I bought her as a bare shell with a defunct engine and no rig.  She needed pretty well everything, but we got there in the end and I enjoyed two good seasons with her, including a circumnavigation of the UK with the Cruising Association in 2005.

Then four years ago, I decided to restore A1 “Atalanta” which had been languishing in an Essex car park unwanted and unloved.  She was launched last August, the first time afloat for almost 30 years.

You could say I’ve “form” when it comes to the marque.  Other just shake their heads in pity! But once bitten…………

If you’ld like to chat, please let me know.  Meantime, best of luck with the search – you won’t regret it!

Best regards,

Mike (Dixon) Commodore