Many thanks everyone for all your advice.

What an incredibly friendly and helpful class assoc. You are a credit to your beautiful boats and I hope to sail with you all in the future!

I think the picture is becoming clearer: A55 would be too much of an impulse buy for me right now. As much as anything else, I don’t like the whole sketchy ownership situation (I have no experience of Atalantas yet, but plenty on unwholesome Ebay shenanigans).

For now, I will concentrate on getting my workshops laid-out, and learning my new kit (there is even the set up for turning a mast and spars!) As well as preparing properly with a cosy new home for an Atalanta in my field (need to finish ‘consolidating’ two classic camper vans which will free up a large hard standing).

Meanwhile, if there are any more boats like 76 and 98, which have been stored well and are going to get torched – Nick has my contacts and please, please let me know. I can move faster to save a good boat. Likewise, if there are any boats beyond repair, where no-one else is salvaging spares, I have a large van (well two, but they are becoming one!) and plenty of space for old sails, keels/boxes, hatches, deck fittings, spars, interiors, etc.

In short, please don’t let anyone burn anything else without letting me know.

And, COVID allowing, if anyone is down this way (Plymouth/Fowey/Falmouth), again please let me know. Would love to buy folks a pint or two in return for a tour of their boat.