Most of my rot was small holes so I used fiberglass and epoxy. On the large bits like the joint between the bubble and the deck which fell off when I stripped back and laminated new wood in. My vaneer was pretty worthless so I used a lot of ply. Epoxy makes a great bond and I tend to wash it with the pressure washer and let it dry then go over with acetone. The delaminated areas I just felt around for and they tended to be below a leak. I mixed some epoxy I used West Coast but any on East Coast composites should work. If you heat the epoxy and the catalist to 40c or so apart in a warm bath then mix it will kick hard but will have a nice low viscosity and you do not lose the water proof qualities that thinning would cause.


I am winging a lot but its a wood boat so if you save em in any form they can be put back by someone in another 50 years so keeping them sailing is my main aim.