Thanks for the insight Trevor. Blue jackaroo does not currently have a deck and both hatches are being rebuilt so that should not be a huge problem. The engine I am looking at was removed for a new one but I will ask him why i had no thought of that. there is a video of it running and the boy seems to know his stuff. I was planning to have him run it up and let me see if either of the cylinders is getting too hot.  I am looking to get this engine for 400 or so max and a new prop. realistically I doubt I could afford a new engine as even second hand they cost 1200+ with a gearbox and new I was looking at 4 grand.

I missed the chance to get 3 dolphins for 500 with a boat but it would have cost me more to get ride of the boat it came with down in England. The Dolphin I have turns over well and has good compression so if it falls through I could just keep searching for spares.


The issue seems to have just resolved itself though because the engine has been removed from ebay. If anyone has a 12 hp or so Diesel with a gearbox or some old mark 1 Dolphins let me know haha.