Trevor Thompson


The skeg on Calista (which was damaged in the accident) was fitted by me about 5 years ago (probably nearer 8) and I used NO metal fixings in it. The skeg was made just like the new replacement from timber strips epoxied together and epoxied on to the hull and transom. You should be able to see from the photos that the glue lines all held firm. The part of the skeg which passes up the transom was ripped from the rest of the skeg – and the skeg itself was ripped from the hull – parting through the middle of the sandkeel. I dont think metal fixings “reinforcing” it would have helped – the forces were so great something had to give. At least having no metal fixings minimised the damage to the hull and transom.


So what I am getting at is that I have not used any metal fixings in the replacement either – I am sort of suggesting you might not need to use all of those coach bolts criss crossing accross the skeg.