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Paul O’Rorke

Thanks guys for posting your thoughts. Tim, those photos are of Tenga and it is precisely that diesel heater pictured that I am replacing. The replacement is a “Webasto like” Chinese unit. It looks and functions as a Webasto would. I wouldn’t even be surprised if both this and genuine Webasto units come off the same production line, but that’s another conversation. I’ll see if I can post some photos oc where I’m thi king, the uit itself etc. There was a link to the unit on my original post, one should be able to get a good idea of what it is from there. It does have the supply and exhaust lines as Trevor described. That is my biggest concern, properly setting these up so that I go through the deck/hull in the right place. I’m away from home right now and will post some photos of the unit amd and where I am planning ib placing it when I get back in the new year.