Paul O’Rorke

Hi Murray,

I’d be interested in hearing from Trevor.  I think I’ve pretty much decided that I will mount it under the port seat in the cockpit.  It will duct air to all cabins.  My Diesel fuel tank is in ther at the forward endand it’s well protected and has access for the warm air ducting.

One question that is raised is where to put the intake and exhaust for this.  The dombustion air supply and vent are separate from the supply for the air to be heated which can come from within the space where the heater is mounted. 

The fuel supply and exhaust will need to go through the hull.  I’ve never done anything like this before and want to make sure these are in the best possible location.  I’m leaning towards coming up through the equipment locker (not sure what the right term is here) and up on ‘deck’ above the toe rail at the back of the cockpit.

It’s hard to describe – I’ll take some photos to illustrate.  I’m just really unsure where this would be best located.

Hoping some people have some thoughts here.