A Very Happy Christmas to you too!

As with all things there are more views than there are Atalantas about best options.  The interior paint environment is nearly as harsh as the outside, largely down to condensation and the need for excellent ventilation.  The latter is, I think, key to a long lasting finish, both whilst afloat and even more so ashore in the winter. Ventilators and open hatches whenever you can and especially over winter.

Back to paint.  I generally use a number of ‘principles’ to guide me:

  • With plenty of varnish trim to set it off, a not too ‘brilliant’ white yields a clean and welcoming environment. I have experimented with various (light) shades of cream but come back to white;
  • In my experience, whilst nautical paints are expensive, you get what you pay for if you include how often you have to re-coat and pleasure applying;
  • Good preparation and multiple coats of very good undercoat will reward in longevity and finish;
  • A matt or silk finish, certainly not a high gloss, is best to minimise condensation;
  • Extending the ‘Minnie-Helene’ Green theme from the recent bulletin, I lean towards the environmentally unfriendly ‘high VOC’ for longevity.  I know I will have to change and I am experimenting; (Advice from others re: acrylic and other water-based alternatives welcomed.)
  • The miracle ‘anti-condensation’ paints are not miracles, can look very unattractive due to their texture.

On Helene I had good results with with Hempel’s ‘Multicoat’, billed as a ‘jack of all trades’ paint and with a matt/silk finish.


.. Helene’s interior before I sold her

And the interior of a previous love …

A previous love