Mike Dixon

She’s looking good Doug!

Without looking at the ‘problem’, can’t be specific.  Only advice I would suggest is that you protect ALL culprits to eliminate or reduce chafe.  This would include the top edge of the raised rudder, the rudder uphaul wire and the two mooring ropes.  And keep a careful eye on the set up. I’m assuming that the mooring lines can’t get underneath the rudder blade – another potential problem.

Vertical lifting rudder is a potential solution, but not to be undertaken lightly – lots of modification work to be carried out.

One other though just occured – have you an additional temporary line to hold the rudder up whilst the boat is on the mooring?  If you rely on the rudder uphaul wire alone, and then it gives way, the rudder will drop and at the next low water  – at best – risk the blade being  bent, or – at worst – risk severely damaging the rudder and stock.  At least one boat has had the rudder and stock ripped from the transom and the boat holed and sunk as a result.  Maybe a bit of a faff rigging an additional temporary line, but………………