Hi Doug.
I replaced the forward part of the ‘beading’ on Helene (see ‘Blister Repairs’ post on A124’s page: https://atalantaowners.org/blister-repairs/).
In practice I found that the blister moulding had been made to be pretty close to a right angle with the deck – you can just make this out in the photos.

However, I do not think you will bend a quarter round moulding around the curve even with steaming, particularly an ‘off-the-shelf’ quadrant. You could have a piece of quality wood machined to the required profile and try steaming or soaking. You may have more success with soaking – make a container and pour boiling water over the wood and leave, perhaps even to the next day. This how Uffa bent the fine ribs on his International 14s with great success – steaming tends to take the ‘goodness’ out of the wood, drying them and they would split.

When I made my replacement beading I actually found it easier to laminate the quadrant in two pieces on a jig. The jig was a piece of MDF with holes for the clamps cut to the curve of the blister at the deck (see photos). I used some oak I already had.

A time consuming job but not too difficult and very satisfying.