Gregory Manning

If you go into the forward cabin there is a small amount of the keel box there.  Remove the covers from the top and you should be able to see the forward end of the keels in their mechanism.  Loosen off the big screw caps on the keel bolts  and see if you can gently tap them with a two lb hammer to loosed any corrosion between the keels and the bolts.  When you look into the mechanism from the forward cabin you might be able to spray in some diesel mixed with old oil onto the mechanism.  Go for a drink , or two and then next day see if you can get a cold chisel between the keels and the plates on both sides and using that 2lb hammer try to loosen the keels form the plates.  Be careful as if they come loose you do not want them to drop uncontrolled.  Give me a ring to talk about it if you want.  01464 841394.  I am free Sunday afternoon, I think!