Fairey Mary

Hi Robbie, Hi All,

Obviously very interested in how you go with your coach roof.  I am about to do the same to Mary.  The varnish (and I think it is oil based) looks like it is peeling from sunburn.  After much deliberation I am going to go with an oil based varnish with lots of coats and a good few thinned ones to start with.  I am stripping the old varnish with paint stripper as I fear my outer laminate is very thin in places.

I think I am going to use skipperpaints (Aemme) Starwind Tung oil varnish with extra UV protection.  This brand is easier to find in Italy and it seems pretty good.  I have booked time off at the end of September so any mistakes you can prevent me from making would be most welcome.

Keep us posted…