Nick Phillips


Thanks for the information. I am hoping to emulate your last sentence ‘very little water enters the boat’!

I like the idea of the electric and manual setup.  I have a non-standard engine hatch (something else I shall be seeking Atalanta expertise on at West Mersea) so your arrangement won’t work. However exiting at the back of the cockpit and using the cockpit drains seem sensible. 

Thanks again for the reply



Dominic Dobson said:

In case of emergency I have an electric pump in the engine bay port side and also a manual one in the same place but to starboard, both discharge into the cockpit through the aft end of the hatch cover combing draining out via the keel boxes, this alleviates the need for hull fittings and sea cocks. I also carry a manual pump that can be used as a roving pump with long and discharge hose. The best “pump” however is a sponge as very little water enters the boat.