Having  purchased the engine from the late Jack of London T4 having  stripped down all ancillary items  had the alt and starter refurbishment done  by  Wasp. Started up and runs like a dream very pleased ..Have upped the revs from 3k to 3.6 k this takes the Engine from 10 hp to 14 hp always nice to have a little in reserve.

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    Access to spray booth so looking forward to spraying hatches in varnish20210128_174523-af854796

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Boat: A5 ** Interest: My father purchased Diaphony in 1977, having just sold Our Lysander 17 called Grebe and with two adults and three kids and a dog it was decided that we needed a bigger boat.Having looked at a few boats my father stumbled across Diaphony A5 at Chichester marina on its trailer,after a while the owner finally clinched the deal with my Father in a pub at Dell Quay . After a year spent renovating A5 she was ready for launching at Chichester .The boat was sailed for the remainder of the 70s and early 80's having crossed the channel many times ,she was returned home for minor work and hasn't seen the water since. ** Location: bucks ** Country: GB

9 thoughts on “More furlough more progress..

  1. Fitting water tanks at the moment as mentioned before my capacity is up to 65 litres now from 35 litres ..Handy working where I do full engineering facilities..

    Port water tank

  2. Water tank capacity. Probably as many capacities as there are boats. I think (but willing to be corrected) that the original tanks were galvanised steel. Frankly I can’t remember the water tank capacity of “Gellie” when I had her. I do know that four of us went accross the North Sea to Norway (12 ‘man’ days) without running out. But I don’t recall us washing much.

    So unless you’re planning an epic voyage, capacity probably doesn’t matter too much.


    1. Mike I have cut one of the large Titania tanks in two 1st tank=35litres and not far off the original
      2nd tank = 30 litres was going to use this for the washing up water for the sink..
      Pricing up rigging atm
      to cold to do any construction work..roll on summer

  3. Simon
    Wow! Great job on T4’s power plant. Diaphony is going to be a stunner. And a fast one too!
    The engine looks brilliant.

    PS. I see that Diaphony will be 65 in September (or thereabouts) if you needed a target date……………………

    1. Thanks Nick .. Had to cut down one of T4s water tanks to fit in Diaphony having just measured its capacity at 7.6 imp gallons (35 l)
      This is not that far from the original
      tank this seems a little low thinking of fitting one on the other side of the boat.. Question Whats the average water capacity for an Atalanta 26.

  4. Oh, come on Simon, how did you get access to a spray booth?
    We don’t need to have all the details, you know, address, Lat/Long, phone …..Just how!

    1. My Friend owns a Bodyshop he has two booths.. This is where I finished restoring my classic car..
      Handy for varnishing I will spray it on its takes a fraction of the time..

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