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The AOA is 60The AOA is celebrating 60 years
** We did it! What a great weekend, some great sailing, topped by the wonderful West Mersea Regatta.  You should have been there! **

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Viewing 3 topics - 166 through 168 (of 168 total)

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AOA60 Photos
AOA60 Photos 27/08/2018 Richard James

Bluster arrives in Scotland, from Suffolk
IMG_20180816_165135 16/08/2018 Jonathan Stearn
After many years of being based at Ramsholt on the Deben and sailing the Thames Estuary with forays to Holland, France and Scotland (by trailer), Bluster has now moved to ...

A1 Atalanta gets a new Iron Topsail
30/07/2018 AOA
As part of her restoration Atalanta a1 has now received a shiny red Beta diesel. You will be able to read about the details of the installation in the future ...

A90 Mourne Goblin – Offers around £5000
26/07/2018 AOA
Reluctant sale, due to purchase of larger boat. A90 Mourne Goblin had a full rebuild 2000/2005 – see A90 Boat Page (detail requires site registration). Ashore on trailer West Yorkshire, offers around ...

A86 Sassi – On the hard….refitting….Surrey
A86 On the drums...1990...Showing epoxy on underside, and respray of hull. 26/07/2018 Bernard Marshall
Photos covering the refit in 1990 and subsequent sailing across to Cherbourg on her first cruise. She was still powered by her Coventry Victor engine at this point. Subsequent photos ...

Recent jobs on A169
A169 Wind gen - chainplates collage 24/07/2018 Chris Green
Weather is too hot for scheduled epoxy work on A169 (renamed Elle). July had been set aside for epoxy cloth sheathing below WL and rebuilding the wood mast. The problem ...

Dinky Dinghy – Project boat. £Offers
17/07/2018 AOA
This is ‘half’ built dinky dinghy shell. The work so far was carried out 20 or 30 years ago and comprises two layers of veneers over a an arrangement of ...

A1 is measured up for some James Lawrence sails
Amateur interpretation of the sail plan by Nick 11/07/2018 Nick Phillips
A1 travelled from Market Harborough to Brightlingsea for Mark Butler, of James Lawrence sails, to measure her up for new sails. This meant Mike was able to prove his tow car, ...

Major Robin Shinkwin
Major Robin Shinkwin '64 11/07/2018 Mark Urry
Major Robin Shinkwin was apparently the second owner of F8 “Iona”. The photo shows Him on A5 ” Diaphony” on a cruise down to St Malo, with my Father, myself ...

Someone is always watching…
F14 Noggin Spotted in Marans near La Rochelle 2015 11/07/2018 Mark Urry
Spotted in Marans near La Rochelle by no less than two local Fulmar fans ! Looking good, very good!