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2019 Atalanta Owners in Bristol 11th May 2019

2019 Atalanta Owners in Bristol 11th May 2019 21/05/2019

The cold weather took a welcome break and the sun shone in Bristol on 11th May for our meet-up at the Underfall Yard in the Bristol Floating Harbour.  There was a pretty unanimous view that it was a great day at a pretty special place.  Twenty or so of us met travelling from the West, East and South. Food and refreshments, history, engineering and then more food and refreshment. A typical AOA outing!
For those that couldn’t make it I would heartily recommend you visit and if you can get on a group tour.

It was great to see everyone and particularly two faces from our past in Mike and Pauline Rowe. Mike edited the Annual Bulletin for many years as well as ...

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