Pixie for sale - garage stored for 40 years

Very rare Fairey Marine Pixie Tender for sale. Open to reasonable offers.

The tender has a deck over one half and has been stored in a garage for forty years. It will need some restoration: the seal between the two halves is perished; there is some damage to the hulls in way of the seals where the halves were stood up on end; the whole will need sanding and revarnishing, and perhaps replacement of some of the corroded brass screws.

The tender comes with the original detachable skeg keel, rowlocks, oars, and two seats. 

It is in Herne Bay, North Kent. Please contact Lynne on 07960 669893

About the Pixie

Built in the 1950s using the vacuum hot moulded plywood techniques first developed for the construction of Aircraft.

A Pixie in fine condition
A typical Pixie - this one in fine condition

A little like a Canadian canoe, the tender can be rowed or paddled and can accomodate two adults or one adult and two children.  The tender is easily man portable and is designed to break into two halves which nest neatly inside one another, enabling it to be easily transported on a car roof rack or as it was designed to on the coach roof of a yacht.  The tender can be reassembled in under a minute using the tongue and groove joint combined with keel hooks and eyes and a cam clamps arrangment make it completely watertight.

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