A150 Salizanda on the way to the water in 2017


Salizanda was finally re-launched on the 3rd August. There is still lots to do but after 14 years it was a wonderful moment. She sails like a dream even though I can only partially lower the keels as the depth in our pond is less than 2 meters. I have included a link to some pics of the launch. Please give me feedback on whether you are able to see them.


I would also welcome any comments…positive or negative


4 thoughts on “Salizanda re-launched

  1. Hi John, I will try to get something together, pretty busy right now as you might imagine. Thanks for the compliments.  Peter

  2. Thanks Nick, I’m just off to the boat but I will try to get some other pics together and post them. I’ve still got lots to do but I’m pretty pleased with the result.


  3. Well done Peter! Salizander looks absolutely gorgeous in your photos.

    Will you post some details of your electric motor setup?

    Best regards,


  4. Peter What a fantastic looking Atalanta you have crafted. She looks stunning and I love the town vehicle. The varnished hull and blister with white between look amazing. And I like the extra windows in the bubble. It would great to see more photos as you get time of the decks and interior. Well done for those 14 years of effort and on behalf of all Atalanta lovers thanks for giving A150 a new lease of life. Good sailing! Nick

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