Nick Phillips

Hi Alistair

Well done for cracking on with this one. I have used http://www.acorncanvas.com to good effect for covers I made for my Broads Cruiser.  Dont forget that Orwell Yacht Club have a ‘sail loft’ and machine in their ‘sail loft’ for use by members.

The additional tie-downs will help – a key for covers is to prevent pooling of water on the top.

I still thing your cover is fantastic and am planning to replicate (in two parts – fore and aft).
The other thing word considering is a tape or shockcord around the ‘gunwhale’ perimeter . This is how all those dinghy covers yours is modelled on resist the wind……

Or you could have something slightly more difficult to fold up  as in the picture…..

Falmouth Pilot Pavane Cover