i have had a look about but to be honest I have a bit of trouble using the site, I found some posts that would let me source the wood for repair in 2mm or 3 mm, and the use of thickened epoxy. I am thinking of using 3 layers of 3 mm and cutting the entire light section out and replacing it. I can do alright wood working and was going to do some general reinforcement because a few areas have some flex i think due to repairs being done not with epoxy but the older resins.


Any advice would be great but my budget is not massive and I have a section of the transom needing replacing to before i can get her in the water.


To be honest i was thinking of epoxing in some ribs in the roof when I am done to make sure everything is solid.  this is my first boat and hope to do her justice and get her another 20 years so would like to do good work.


Any advice would be great