Hi Nick

Thanks for all this information. i will dig into it when i get a chance. I believe she was kept under a tent of sorts but the scottish weather is rough and she has been laid up for a couple of years i think.


Thanks for the advice on the deck, I will have a look. Is there any problem with using marine ply for repairs on larger parts like the transom? with a layer of epoxy fiberglass? I also have access to a 3d printer so I am thinking of doing some experiments with abs laminated with fiberglass, I suspect the transom damage was caused the rudder cable wearing on the transom wall so will be possibly making some guides for the cables or something like that. i will try to document anything I do.


I understand the complexity of keeping a site going with the march of technology, the site is better than most.


Thanks again for your help, do you have a way I could contact you by email if that is alright?