Hello all, firstly a huge thanks for all the feedback.  Already exceeds what I was hoping for to “adjust” my refit list.  I have much reading to do in the AOA catalogue…
I will set up a blog to document my journey, hopefully very soon.
But just a couple of specific comments/requests on topics covered :-

  • Bimini – essential piece of kit for me – I am 5’9″, potentially 6′ 2″ would be suitable headroom?  My son is 6’2″…taller folk will manage somehow.  But without actually sailing with a tape measure, I cannot guage by how much the boom would need to be raised to safely accommodate a bimini.  Has anyone measured up this for an A-26 with std cockpit sole? Perhaps on the forthcoming meet someone could measure the regular height of the boom?
  • Holding tanks – contentious – one consideration will be whether heads remain in the forepeak or to relocate in the rear cabin.  What are the relative merits of each location, and what is the preferred location in the rear cabin.
  • <li style=”text-align: left;”>WEIGHT – clearly this is of paramount importance for safety and performance of which I hadn’t been fully cognisant!  It will certainly now be a prime consideration!