Mike Dixon

Dear Stephan,  Lots of really good advice from Nick, Trevor and Chris which I’m not going to repeat – but only to endorse the theme running throughout – namely the Atalanta is a lightweigh boat and adding weight will seriously affect performance.  Which may be perfectly acceptable?

We took our boat (not an Atananta) to the Med and fitted just about all the equipment you mention.  As a rough calculation, the additions probably added in excess of half a ton to the displacement.  Not so much of a problem when the displacement was 11 tons to begin with, but as an Atalanta starts out at 2 – 2 1/2 tons, adding any weight ought to be carefully considered.  Just as us carrying excess weight weight around doesn’t do our bodies much good!

I hope you get some thoughts from Alistair (MARY) – he took his boat doiwn through the French canals to the Med.  In any case – very best wishes!