Nick Phillips

Great to see Blue Jackaroo being looked after. Looks like you’ve been busy!  A benefit of some decent weather and a boat you can have on the drive. And something good to come out the Lockdown.

Looking at that picture with the transom cut out made me think you could have put some leaded lights in there! Although I guess the rudder mountings might be a small challenge 😉

Inspiration for an Atalanta stern?

The damage to the blister at the front is almost certainly because water has got in behind the laminated ‘quadrant’ which joins the blister to the deck – it then soaks up the central timber in the blister and outwards. As you do the repair it is really important to get a good seal around that join, and to minimise any movement between deck and blister.

Keep us posted and fingers crossed we can all get afloat this Summer!