Trevor Thompson

Well I tried to get the stainless wire etc but it was going to cost a fortune. So I thought again and decided that I would wekd it with mild steel wire. I suspect that it will not corrode swiftly since there will be some migration of material between the stainless components and the small amount of weld I will create. Anyway it is repaired. Rivetted the burner carrier back into position, took it to Calista and assembled it in situ.




It fits into the space perfectly. I know the crash bar is not level – I did level it after looking at this photo. It just swings enough. You can see the rod sticking out on the right hand side which is the lock to stop it swinging. I measured up for a block which I have made and will fit tomorrow.


So then I had to try it out! Having filled the meths container it lit fairly readily although it did go out at first. Anyway after relighting it I managed to get the temperature in the oven up to 200 degrees Celsius.



Pretty poor phot I know. But it does show that I got it to 200 C!


Dinah tells me that is hot enough to bake bread. So that is OK then. Might try bread tomorrow.