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      Trevor Thompson

      I have just bought an Origo 6000 on ebay. I wont say I “won” it.


      Seems a brilliant cooker which should fit into the space vacated by the old cooker – and the temporary Origo 3000 hob that I have been using in its place.


      However there seems to be something missing and I wonder if anyone has experience of these cookers, or knows someone who has one. Just photos to compare with this one would help!


      So to explain the problem. The oven part of the cooker is heated by flames from one of the standard meths containers which Origo use. Instead of being removed by lifting a lid this is removed by opening a flap in the front below the oven door. It slides forward out of a “carrier” for want of a better description. Now this carrier is fixed to the bottom of the oven at the back – but there is nothing holding it up at the front. What I want to know is how was the front meant to be held up. There are no signs of clips or any broken spot welds which would have held brackets.


      Anyway some photos:


      This shows the bottom of the cooker. At the top is the flap that folds down to remove the meths container. The main stainless part in the middle of the picture is the “carrier” – the meths container fits into it. At the bottom of the picture you can see a length of angle spot welded to the carrier, which attaches to the oven where there are two pop rivits. The pop rivets should be obvious in the photo. They have not been poped – just inserted to hold things in position. There are 4 holes, 2 on each side. They are in folded over parts of the inner oven sides. Perhaps they located a removable floor which covered the whole bottom?


      Anyway nothing seems to hold up the front of the carrier.


      Next photo:

      This is the oven opright with the flap open to reveal the carrier and the meths container. You can see the bent over inner sides I mentioned in discussing the last photo. This is the only indication that something is missing. It looks like a floor or heat shield could have covered the whole of the bottom of the oven. In this photo the front of the carrier is resting on the edge of the open flap. That is where it should fit so that the flame control flap swings freely from off to the hottest position “4” on the dial. Notew that the cooker is resting on wooden blocks, one each side so that the middle is unsupported – as it would be when fitted onto the gimbles, which are part of the cooker.


      Next photo:


      In this photo the flap has been closed so the front of the carrier is no longer resting on it. All I have then done is to turn the control dial from off(“0”) to “4”. As a result the front of the carrier, weighted down by the meths container has dropped at the front – and you can see it sticking out below the oven. When this has happened the knob will not turn back to “0” because the mechanism which closes the flap is now fouled by the top of the carrier. It is clearly not meant to do this.


      So now you have the full picture. Can anyone identify what is missing or wrong?




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      Trevor Thompson

      Well I have worked it out! So since I posed the question I had better tell you the answer!


      I have found a photo on the internet of one installed in a boat – in the USA I think. It satisfied me that there was no tray or floor underneath the oven. So I suspected something had come apart that should not have. Anyway I took the front strip which contains the control dial off. It was held on by 4 pop rivets so it was easy to drill them out. This is the result:

      The tube in the centre of the picture is the burner nozzle.


      Now when you look at the carrier unit:


      When you look closely at the hole in the centre of this picture you can see 4 dimples, just on the outside of the holes upturned flange.  They are actually the remains of spot welds. When you turn over the component in the last picture you can see similar marks. Originally I thought they were dimples to provide a gap for air to get into the burner. Having confirmed that there is no missing floor, I thought again and looked more carefully.

      So this is the burner unit held together for welding:


      So now I need to buy some stainless welding wire and weld the two parts back together. Then it will just remain to rivet the complete unit back into position.

      So problem solved!!!!

      In case you are curious I did get a partial refund on the purchase price to reflect the fact that it was not in the  “excellent as new condition” that was claimed. I didnt want a total refund (which I was offered) and to give it back – I knew I would be able to repair it when I had worked out what was wrong with it.


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      Trevor Thompson

      Well I tried to get the stainless wire etc but it was going to cost a fortune. So I thought again and decided that I would wekd it with mild steel wire. I suspect that it will not corrode swiftly since there will be some migration of material between the stainless components and the small amount of weld I will create. Anyway it is repaired. Rivetted the burner carrier back into position, took it to Calista and assembled it in situ.




      It fits into the space perfectly. I know the crash bar is not level – I did level it after looking at this photo. It just swings enough. You can see the rod sticking out on the right hand side which is the lock to stop it swinging. I measured up for a block which I have made and will fit tomorrow.


      So then I had to try it out! Having filled the meths container it lit fairly readily although it did go out at first. Anyway after relighting it I managed to get the temperature in the oven up to 200 degrees Celsius.



      Pretty poor phot I know. But it does show that I got it to 200 C!


      Dinah tells me that is hot enough to bake bread. So that is OK then. Might try bread tomorrow.






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