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Fairey Mary

In reference at your request I send below ours best quotation


  J3809   Primer (Clear ) 1 Quarter                             100,00 -30%

  J3890   Gloss             1 Quarter                                 100,00 -30%

  T0201   Thinner Brush (Retardant) 1 Quarter         45,00 -30%   (Only for brush applications)

  Shipping  Cost                                                              20,00


  Total                                                                              191,50 €

  Total + Vat                                                                    233,63 €


  Goods on stock

  Payment : in advance by money transfer

  Delivery : ¾ days from when we received the payment on bank

  If you want a Prforma Invoice please send me the company details (of the boat)


Does anybody think it is worth it?