Trevor Thompson

Hi. Sorry not to reply earlier – been away sailing.

I have used the same system which is described in this post, namely armourguard and copper coat fromn reactive resins.  It has now been on 2 years. Basically I am very pleased with it.


The one thing I would state about the copper coat is that it is not totally imune from fouling. However we have had a very bad year for fouling this year and all I have are barnacles underneath, between the keels, and along the keel itself. The unprotected prop and shaft was covered as well. Very little “weed” as such. So I suppose the point is that I find I have to dry out half way through each year to scrub it all off.

I am however convinced that it would be significantly WORSE if I used conventional antifouling.


As far as repairing the coating is concerned it is easy. Just abraid and degrease the affected area and recoat. I have found the armourgaurd very good – it does stick to steel and galvanising well. I have even used it on alloy and it stays on that as well.