Fairey Mary

So I have been mostly doing calculations and connecting up the motor drivers.  This weekend I build a test rig so I can calculate lock to lock speed.  The rams have about 130mm travel which I think will take about 8 seconds flat out.  I think there is enough leverage which I can halve and double the speed by only using one ram, but I like the symmetry.Thanks to some good drawings done when the twin rudders were done I can get a good idea of how things are going to lay out.  From this I can see where the rams would go, I hope that I can work around the exhaust.

I am now fully battling with the feedback loops and am reasonably comfortable that all the kit works.  I have plotted the lock to lock speed against the value I request from the motor driver which gives me somewhere between 8 and 20 seconds, the longer is quieter. This is basically flat out in reverse to flat out forwards.  I have a hunch most of the feedback loop is correcting against a fixed sample period…..  Anyway off to see the boat this week so will forget the technical stuff and get the paint brush out…