Trevor Thompson



It certainly looks like a QME. Presumably it worked to some extent.


Anyone else able to add anything?


Chris Green said:

Trevor – Have attached below a picture of Kerry Piper in the 1970s sent by Sebastien Vanblaere (whose father was the owner in that period). Kerry Piper is sporting a wind vane of some type, so presumably worked okay. I picked up a
Plastimo vane system at one time (looks similar to the QME); it was too lightweight for the 9 ton Hilliard I wanted it for so I sold it to a chap with a smaller wooden (long keel) sloop and I think he had it working OK. I am looking at self steering from the sheets to tiller (whipstaff in this case) as an experiment when KP is afloat. Some interesting stuff on this if you are interested at http://www.blueanarchy.org/selfsteering/ – I think this could work on the Atalanta.