Timothy Mallette

Hi David:

Roger on the 24522, apparent date 1957 (hard to read). I cross referenced C24229, A24200, A24168 & A24167 attempting to reconcile the illegible dimensions. C24229 is dated 21-2-56 & has good info. for Sta 2,5,6, & 9. I failed to consider that the lines were altered during construction phases. Yes the offsets are to the inside of the skin with ~ 7/16″ allowance for the skin.

I took a bit of a break this summer, but Blue Goose is still in slings & under cover behind my house in

Deerfield NH. I put in stringers and some planking either side of the keel cases, also replaced the after deck

stringers and support frame for replacement of the upper transom. Still a nice land yacht even if she hasn’t

floated in 20 years!