Chris Green

Picking her up next weekend – back to a local yard in Rye. She needs major work to hull and deck laminates above the WL; rebuild of cockpit and attention to keel boxes. Has a great refurbished original Atalanta trailer which is a bonus. Aim to put her under a plastic structure and hope to rig a scaffold lift (similar to the arrangement on Joanne, but free standing). Will be on the market for any decent salvaged trim – odds and ends WHY etc. A couple of port lights would be handy and will need a set of keel rubbers at some point. The final thing will be an engine – thinking of going down the hydraulic drive route. Will post pictures of work carried out on the AOA site as the project progresses. Probably looking at launching next spring – as “Kerry Piper” (if that was her original name. Cheers for now, Chris