Peter Snowdon

Thanks Trevor.I have a couple of potentials that I found but was curious if you had found the ultimate product. On the same theme, has anybody used “Ballistol” for the windings of the keel lifting gear? I also thought of using it on the threads of the keel bolts.


Trevor Thompson said:

Hi. Yes I was trying rubber grease which seemed to stop the rubber seals from deteriorating so quickly. I have however found that my keel seals have perished – and I am not convinced that they have actually lasted long enough to make special grease worth while.


If you want to try to find this – you will need to search for “rubber grease” – it is usually used on car brake components – because it does not damage the hydraulic seals. You can find in in conventional size tubs – and I got mine via ebay.


On the other hand you might be satisfied to use whatever grease you fancy – or can get locally. I dont know if anyone elase has strong views on this?