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    John Barker Coxon

    Many thanks to the committee members who organised the AGM on SB REPERTOR.

    What a fine vessel and good for David Pollock that she is still working for her living, albeit with human cargo these days. Perhaps it is not polite to comment so on the age of an old girl but she looks older than her true age. (Rivetted plate construction was still going strong after WW2.) Ref SS SHIELHAUL in 1955  www.ssshieldhall.co.uk/

    Martin Bennett’s talk about Keel Box seals led me into discussion with several members. I now realise that there are many different Keel Box sealing designs and cockpit drains! I was also surprised to discover that the four grease nipples in the Keel Boxes of MISTURA were not part of the original design. I was greatly relieved at this as I was not looking forward to acting on the recent reminder to drop the Keels each year.  

    Enough talking, Tempus Fugit and Anno Domine fast catching me, I must get out to the barn and start work or i shall never get her back into the water!


    Thanks again for the AGM! 


    John Coxon

    MISTURA (A151)

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