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    Fairey Mary

    Well I have to say this “it is certainly different than sailing the med, or even the south coast”.

    Mostly the water moves and reveals heavy objects like cardinals and the earth…

    Last weekend I managed to get out to the Waltern Backwaters and stayed at anchor at the bottom of Kirby Creek.  It is a lovely location and plenty of room down near the landing.  Lots of wildlife, with the sounds of birds and I did see a seal jump out of the water. 

    However on the way there I managed to hit the bottom near port bouy No.6.  But it was with the keels down and going quite slowly, so easy enough to get off.  So I am gaining confidence in the boat, but I will only really see when she comes out of the water.

    More embarrasing is on the way back with the tide coming out of Harwich I managed to hit landguard cardinal bouy.  I have a whole bag of excuses but a mix of being distracted, full Genoa and the tide and leaway pulling me towards it.  But luckly it was light scratch, on my new paintwork.

    I am hoping to gain the courage to dry out on the mud but might have to wait to ensure the keels can retract fully.  But am very happy that she is very well suited to the east coast and more capable than I give her credit for..

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