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    Trevor Thompson

    All members should now have recieved the Annual Bulletin along with a Yearbook and Calendar. In particular I hope that the Calendar meets with your approval. We have never produced this before – so it is a bit of an experiment.


    The AGM agreed that for the next year we would not give each member a calendar, but offer them for sale at £4.00 each, via an order form attached to the Autumn newsletter. The idea being that we can print the required number, and post them out in time for Christmas. Perhaps I should say that they cost almost that much to produce – so its not a matter trying to make a profit, but trying to control the annual printing costs.


    I would like to encourage you all to take photos of “Atalanta” related subjects, and throughout the whole year. I would like to be able to produce the calendar next year and to have 12 stunning photos to go into it. Remember I am trying to illustrate all 12 months!

    So what about a photo of an Atalanta under a snow covered tarpaulin? What about an Atalanta being launched? What about setting sails? I can leave the rest to your own immagination!


    As far as the photograph itself is concerned it could be a traditional photo or a slide or a digital photograph. Negatives and slides I can digitise to a professional standard – but I do want the original photo I cant work from a print. Well not to blow it up sucessfully anyway. Digital photos are even better – but as long as they were taken using a 6 Mega Pixel camera (or better). It means attaching the original photo file onto an email to me. The file will be quite large – that is the sort of digital photo that will blow up to be an A4 photo in the Calendar (or the front cover of the Bulletin of course).


    Have fun taking those photographs!



    Trevor Thompson T10 Hon Bulletin Editor


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