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      I have to report that the AOA’s finances are now in only slightly better shape than when I took over as Secretary in 2009, with the current balance at Barclays Bank again falling below £1,000. (The Association’s National Savings account remains untouched at just over £930).

      Our financial year ends on 31st September each year, and I’ve added figures for 2013-14 in the following chart:



      Over the same period, our paid-up membership at the end of each September goes like this:

      Paid-up members629482837074


      Apart from small carry-overs from one year to the next, it can be seen that membership and hence income is slowly declining, while expenses – of which printing and postage are the most significant – are increasing, although we have managed to restrain spending in the current year.

      Proposals to counter this trend are being circulated to members in an e-Newsletter, which can also be viewed on-line here.


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