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    Yesterday, while cleaning up the two fittings on Helene’s forehatch, I discovered that what I thought were washers were in  fact coins. They are both dated 1968 and have a face value of 10. The holes have been carefully drilled slightly off-centre (so as to protect the man’s profile?). I am not sure but perhaps then are from Greece. Original equipment? Unlikely, as they post-date Helene’s construction by 8 years. But whatever their origin they will certainly be going back in for further service.

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      I love it! I wonder how many other Atalantas have similar artefacts as yet uncovered?

      Great that you are putting them back into service. Will you be providing spotlights and a plaque with historical notes above Helene’s loo for incumbents to fill their time?
      Or, given the lack of space, maybe an audio commentary triggered by a pressure sensor in the bilge?

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