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    A motorcycling owner of an Atalanta was chatting to another biker and the subject of Uffa Fox and the Atalanta came up.
    This particular Atalanta was built by its first owner and photos of the hull in build were shared.

    The biker friend did not realise at first she was a yacht and was convinced he had seen a boat like her before.
    He trawled the inter-web and came up with pictures of the boat he thought he had seen being built – Coastal Motor Boats from the First Word War. Later referred to as the ‘Spitfires of the Seas’ or ‘Hornets of the Sea’ these boats bear some remarkable similarities to our own charges.
    Most of the photos below are copyright of the Imperial War Museum and reproduced under their licence for non commercial use.

    BBC Spitfire of the Seas 100 years in 2016

    Coastal Motor Boat

    Although not really AOA business at all, the boats looked fascinating and sparked a happy hour on the internet reading about them.
    If you are interested you can find more at:

    BBC 2016 News Item

    Imperial War Museum Collection

    Shipping Wonders of the World

    History Hit – Hornets of the Sea

    Spitfires of the Sea – An Offensive Need

    The Great War – Hit and Run MTB in World War 1 – interesting video if you stick with it despite the presenter

    The Society for Nautical Research

    Imperial War Museum Coastal Motor Boat

    Imperial War Museum Coastal Motor Boat

    Coastal Motor Boat

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