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    Colin Twyford negotiated a deal with GJW some years ago which currently provides some of our members with good value insurance for their boats.  It also provides a small commission to the AOA.

    If you are considering insurance please do try a quote from  GJW and compare to one or two others.

    These details are now included in the ‘Shop’ pages of this website and are available only to paid up members of the AOA.

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      Hi there,

      I am a paid-up member. Is there a discount code for GJW insurance? I have a quote and would like to proceed with their insurance. Thank you

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      Mike Dixon

      I had occasion to insure Atalanta just last month (August 2020).  I had a builders policy with GJW whilst I carried out the restoration. Because I ran out of time last year, I quickly insured the boat third party only (no survey) for the brief 2019 season.

      GJW would not insure the boat unless a full out of water survey was carried out by a professional surveyor.  As far as I am aware, the AOA discount no longer applies and the AOA do not receive a percentagee of the premiums paid. Many members no longer use GJW as they have found better quotes elsewhere.

      During the survey last month, I asked the  Surveyor if he had any recommendations of brokers or insurance companies who were sympathetic to old wooden boats.  He ‘off-the-record’ gave me four contacts.  I eventually chose a broker, who whilst not the cheapest (but not much different) seemed to be on the ball with respect to old wooden boats.  He also made me dig out insurance details of my former boat (over four year’s earlier) so that I and he could prove maximum no-claims discount.

      Hope this helps,


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      Doug Odgers

      It just shows you can’t win if you recommend something, restaurant, pub, MOT centre  or indeed an insurance company !

      I think a few people have turned their backs on GJW since that article last year in Yachting Monthly when a yacht got clobbered when a  neighbouring boat broke its mooring and GJW refused to payout on the insurance of the wayward boat.

      So sticking MY neck out  –  go for SAGA.

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      Mike Dixon

      And you know what SAGA is the acronym for………………….?

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      Richard James

      Hello Ryan,

      I used to be with another insurer, but switched to GJW. Here’s an extract from the 2018 AOA AGM Minutes:

      The Secretary had contacted GJW and stated that contrary to recent reports, GJW did not require a survey from an AOA member wishing to insure their boat. GJW stated that they knew the AOA very well, had a long claim-free working relationship with us and would be happy to continue insuring Atalantas.

      However, the only change was that the previous “1933” payback code scheme had ended.

      In future, discounts would be given to individual clients.

      I am paying £198 for £7500 cover.

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      Doug Odgers

      SAGA  , acronym  …  this is way beyond my pay grade !?

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      Thank you for your replies,

      I am still in negotiation about supplying a survey to GJW. I await their response at present. Mike Dixon, would you be prepared to share the 4 brokers/insurers that were recommended to you? And…thank you Richard James for confirmation. I shall remind GJW of this.


      Ryan / A138

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