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    Fairey Mary

    On Monday Nick gave me a hand to pick up Mary’s new/old trailer from Jonathan.  I have to say a big thanks for the help.  I had forgotten (or was never aware) of the light board not to mention a couple of other nieve mistakes that I would have made without their help.

    The trailer is now at levington waiting for me to lift Mary out.  I hope to give it a lick of paint before then.  I think I am going for hammerite red.  Driving a grey trailer on the M25 in the rain makes you appreciate the visibility of any other colour.

    I also have to say that the countryside is very nice and both Nick and I left with shed envy.  A60 is in beautifully original condition, it is great to see similarities in the minor details with Mary.

    Thanks again and I hope to post pictures when I have finished painting it.

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      It was a great couple of days.  no pictures of that shed, but some of A60Achates at home in Devon

      Everything in lovely condition - look at those toe-rails

      Very smart cockpit too

      Portlights in the deck over the aft cabin

      Great foredeck with ventilators



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      Fairey Mary

      Your pictures are significantly better than mine.  Sad thing is I cannot remember seeing you take any.  Mine turned out badly.

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      Great images of the boat. Nice pile of fire wood too!!

      One question, is that fixed block for running the jib sheet up to the winch?

      I have a sliding track for the block and it is a bit of a complicated mess. I was thinking of a fixed replacement.

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      Nick Phillips

      Not that its my boat….. but yes.  The jib sheet is turned through the fixed block to the winch.  Do you have  roller headsail? Or change sails very often? If you do and can find a way to make your track work it is much preferable in terms of sailing performance – the angle of the sheet between block and sail clew needs to be different to get the right shape in the sail.

      (I suspect that the U-bolt slightly above and forward of the fixed block may be used on Achates as an alternative lead)

      What is wrong with your track?

      The image below is the setup on Helene.  It does require a bit of shockcord to stop the block swinging around….

      Helene Jib Sheet Leads


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