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      Doug Odgers

      Prior to a full service, the engine on A90 now needs a good clean, lots of farmyard barn dust and greasy ‘crude.

      What should I use that won’t eat through the bilge ?

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      Mike Dixon


      I have used Bilgex to good effect.  Fishermen swear by it for cleaning their boat’s bilges.  Not sure of its environmental credentials, but according to the www, it’s still widely available.  I’ve got a rather battered and disreputable wet and dry vacuum cleaner, which is great for sucking the ‘orribe solution from the bilge – but a simple bilge pump would do just as well.

      Then there’s always the car engine cleaner products you can get at Halford’s and the like.

      And if you value the clealiness of the finger nails, invest in a pair of Marigolds!




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      Doug Odgers


      Many thanks for your good guidance.

      I was thinking of using Bilgex which I had used on GRP boats  but wasn’t sure for wood.

      My engine will soon be sparking !





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      +1 for Bilgex.
      You may like to read PBO’s review at

      Another thought. I strongly recommend the use of an ‘oil mat’ under the engine (ideally in the drip tray if you have one).
      Not the ‘socks’ which I think are less useful.
      You can get them all over the place e.g. in bulk or through chandlers and marine suppliers such as ASAP supplies .
      They are a bit of a ‘green’ compromise – they are made of plastic.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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