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      Robbie Cormie

      Hi All,

      Does anyone have some hints and top tips regarding removing the keel plates for restoration? Are there any procedures or things I need to avoid. Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday. Cheers.

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      Dominic Dobson

      Robbie do you have a copy of the keel manual that Trevor updated a couple of years ago this will tell you all you need to know about keel? Unfortunately if you havent Trevor is currently away. Give me a ring if you need advise my mobiles in the year book or PM me.


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      Trevor Thompson

      Dinah is now back at home and if you want a copy of the keel manual we aught to be able to organise it. It is really a printed booklet – but it is also available as a PDF – however it might be a bit big to send as an attachment. We could try if you want. Consult the Hon Sec about payment, and we can take it from there.

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      Robbie Cormie

      Hi Trevor.

      Thanks for the info on the technical document. Dom has given me a copy and I will of course send John the fee payable. All I need now is  the wife to give me an hour or so piece and quiet to study it. Cheers.

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      murray reid

      Hello Rob

      How did you get on removing the keel plates?


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