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    We had very good weather for the start of the race with a gentle South West breeze. This meant a rather slow first leg as it was against the tide. Later the wind increased and we had some excellent sailing weather. Unfortunately it did rain rather heavily in the afternoon which must have affected the West Mersea Town Regatta water sports. Fortunately the racing was finished by then.


    The first across the finishing line was “Zamba”, then “Bluster” and finally “Kookaburra”. The times were then adjusted by handicap. “Zamba” being a 31ft. as oposed to the other two being 26ft.  “Bluster” has a mast head rig whilst “Kookaburra” is threequarter rig. The corrected result was as follows:-

    1st. “Bluster” Jane Stearn.

    2nd. “Kookaburra”  Norman Dorrington

    3rd. “Zamba”  Nick Runeckles.


    Congratulations to Jane and her crew for winning once again and to Nick and his crew for putting up such a good show in unknown waters. The race took about four hours and and is quite complicated in finding buoys that are not easy to identify.


    The event was followed by supper in the Scouts Hut provided by Sarah and Mike Thorley. Mike obtained some excellent fish and chips from a newly opened establishment and Sarah did a lovely selection of hot and cold desserts and a choice of cheeses. We are very fortunate in having Sarah and Mike living on the island and willing to work so hard on our behalf. Vice Commodore Jane expressed our thanks to them both.


    I did womder this year whether it would be worthwhile entering the Atalantas but was saved by Nick’s entry. John Ingleby and Colin Twyford were both prevented from entering by other cicumstances. Mike’s boat is now back in the water after extensive refit, so if those three could also enter next year then we could have a fair contingent.


    Thanks again to everyone who made it a successful event.


    Norman Dorrington.




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      Many thanks for your report, Norman, and for organising another successful Atalanta get-together. I was sorry to miss W. Mersea this year, but our wedding event on the same day turned out to be a delightful opportunity for the Ingleby clan to get together again! I look forward to some photos of the race.

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